Justin has been in the entertainment industry since he was 9. His largely musical upbringing would see him perform music across Australia from Rock to Country to Musical Theatre. This early confidence had Justin begin an onair career at the age of 17 with GWN7 as host of the childrens TV show ‘The Saturday Club. He hosted the show for 8 years, at the same time Justin began a radio career in Bunbury and Esperance.

In 2005 Justin made the decision to work in full time radio and made a move to Broome. Three and a half years later Justin is based in Perth and hosts ‘Justin For Breakfast’ across the state!

Q: Who is the most famous person you have interviewed?

A: There are a few big ones.. The most memorable would be – Glenn Frey (from the band The Eagles of course) and INXS.. Michael Bolton was a good one also. I’ve been fortunate enough to speak with so many great inspirational people so far. It just keeps getting better!

Q: What’s next? After radio?

A: I can’t do anything else! HA!.. I am fairy certain I will be in this industry until I am forced out of it, and I won’t go quietly!! I love it and I love doing it right here in WA! I do want to get back into some TV and stage.. So that will happen but radio will always be there.

Q: You mentioned you love it here in WA, have you thought about doing radio in the east?

A: I have been asked a couple of times to head over, it was bad timing because the first time I was asked, I had just moved to beautiful Broome so I said no, the second time I had just started doing some work for a station I have always loved that broadcasts in Perth. I was born in WA, always been in WA, always worked in WA.. It’s the greatest state, at this stage I have no desire to be anywhere else.

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