Karratha Personalities


Pablo Newton Farley

Pablo Newton Farley has been constantly hassled and questioned over his long name and lack of Spanish and artistic flair.

From boyhood the wanna be gangsta-basketball-Eminem child grew up in Bendigo, Central Victoria before departing home for the big city of Melbourne and university.

After dragging studies out for as long as possible his 3 year degree suddenly turned into a 7 year course which would eventually materialise into a radio degree and later a breakfast show on SYN known as The Pabs and Buggs show.

Once finished university he jetted off to Europe where he would spend a summer in the South of France selling wine and struggling with his le and la’s in French, snowboard in the Alps, play volleyball for a summer in the Greek Islands before being a barman in Germany and then finally returning to Australia.

He’s been in the Pilbara for over 2 years now after joining the Spirit Radio 1260 Team where his love of Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkington is surely shining through. On reflection Pablo’s radio style can be summed up with a Karl Pilkington gem: "I find that if you just talk, your mouth comes up with stuff...”

Apologies in advance for him being Victorian and constantly complaining on-air about it being just "tooo hot."

Funniest Radio Moment? Prank calling a pharmacy and informing them that I would be bringing my injured friend in by wheel barrow, without using the word wheel barrow. Pretty Sure she thought I was clinically insane.
Favourite Music? I'm re-living my unfortunately middle class well behaved youth through my boyhood love of Eminem.
Favourite Sport? Basketball without a doubt I've never been a fan of egg ball (AFL).

Justin Thomson

Justin started on radio and television after graduating high school in 2000.
His first job was as a TV presenter for the popular WA TV show “The Saturday Club”, after a couple of years on TV he began radio in the south west of WA. Justin juggled both radio and TV for about 8 years until he decided to go fulltime radio! He hasn’t looked back since!
If you could swap jobs with anyone in the world right now who would it be? And why? President Obama because I want Airforce One.
Favourite Music? Modern country music! But many artists including John Farnham, Maroon 5, Elton John, Billy Joel and a stack more.
Best concert/s you have ever seen? When I go to see a concert I want to see more than just a band performing or an artist singing, I have seen SO many great performers but I would have to say (because of that little bit extra) Garth Brooks and John Farnham!

 Troy Stockden

Troy is a born and bred West Aussie who loves anything sporty and having a great time with his Family and Friends.
What makes an ideal weekend? Sleeping in
Your favourite music: Anything but Jazz or Opera…

 Mark Pascoe

Mark  loves AFL, cricket, movies, good food and wine, beer and all types of music. When he's not on air you'll catch him hanging out at the beach with his wife Shelly and son James.
Your favourite band: The style council
Fave food: A good steak
Favourite tv show: 2 and a half men

 Darren De Mello

West Aussie? Through and through! Darren was born in Geraldton, raised in Perth and learned to drive in Bunbury. That means that he's almost guaranteed to pronounce the suburbs and towns correctly when he's on Telethon.
He's also been on WA radio for half his life, which you would assume would give him an unparalleled knowledge of music and broadcasting. Sadly, this is not the case, hence him working on Spirit.
Do you untie your shoes before you take them off? Almost always, since the accident…..
What is the first thing people notice about you? The smell maybe…
Do you shave your head with a razor, or electric shaver? Cut-throat, the old school razor with shaving cream and the potential for serious injury all the way.

 Daniel Gunn

You win lotto this weekend. What's the first thing you'd do? Check how much I've won.
List some songs you associated with 'love' in high school. Boom boom boom, Love in an elevator, Pour some sugar on me.
AFL team – Richmond