Karratha Feature Segments

Your Day by the Stars

ove them or hate them, lots of people can’t live with out them, Your Day by the Stars is an astrological look at how your day might pan out. The Stars each morning at 7.10am. Researched by renowned astrologer Bec Star. Thanks to Pilbara Glass in Karratha’s L.I.A, call for a free quote today call 9185 2777


The latest news in the North Pilbara Football League. Every Friday and Monday Mornings between 6am-10am.

Plus don't miss out on the Spirit Locker Room 2 hours devoted to Local Sports / coach interviews / and NPFL

The Spirit Locker Room - Every Saturday Morning on the Spirit with Pablo 8am-10am

Gossip Queen

Is a Monday dose of all the Hollywood Goss with the divine miss Jessica Tregear, so if you care about whose bumping uglies with George Clooney or if the Dark Nights cod piece is too tight? Then listen in on Monday mornings for the Gossip Queen during Breakfast with Pablo.

Secret Sound

This is your chance to win some great prizes with the secret sound. Guess the sound to win the prize all thanks to the Karratha Tav 7.15am weekday mornings

Pablo's Rap

Every Friday Pablo looks back on the Week that was on Spirit 1260 Karratha



The Brekky Beast

The Brekky Beast is our Prize Patrol, the Rugged Toyota Hilux  is out on the Streets of the Pilbara given up the free stuff every Tuesday and Thursday mornings during Breakfast with Pablo. It’s your chance to clean up on the Freebies with fresh coffee from McDonalds, CD’s, Spirit Caps and tickets to shows on around town.  You never know what’s on board, who says there’s nothing for free anymore. Keep an eye out for the Brekky Beast coming to a business near you.

Back in the Day

Taking a look at what’s happened around the globe from years gone by. From Neil Armstrong’s first step on the Luna surface to the Berlin wall coming down if it happened back in the day we’ll remember each morning at 7.40am on 1300 Karratha.