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Super Bowl Commericals 2016

The Golden Super Bowl and the 50th edition of the biggest day in American sports....and TV commercials is here! Here are some of the best:


Interview : Big T

This weekend singer Big T is heading to the Pilbara for the Southwest Bushfire Benefit Appeal.

Pablo caught up with him earlier today to find out what life is like post X Factor and what's in store for this Saturday nights show.


Tour de France

The Voice of the Tour de France Phil Liggett declares Pablo the unlikely winner of the Tour 2016!!


Where are they now...? Tim Brunero Interview

Each Thursday Pablo catches up with a former Reality TV Star to find out where are they no.

This week Tim Brunero Runner Up from Big Brother 2005


Where are they now...? Emelia Jackson Interview

Each Thursday Pablo catches up with a former Reality TV Star to find out where are they no.

This week : Emelia Jackson from Masterchef 2014


Adam Spencer Interview

Today Pablo caught up with comedian , radio host , mathematician and author Adam Spencer to discuss his new book World Of Numbers.

For more info and to grab a copy head to adamspencer.com.au


Backyard Cricket Rules

Rourke Walsh's : Backyard Cricket Rules

1 -          You can’t be dismissed first ball. After toiling for hours bowling under the hot sun concentrating on batting first up can be tough; it’s only fair you get a second go if you’re dismissed first ball.

2 -          No LBW. Leg before wicket is one of the most contentious dismissals in cricket with so many factors like where the ball pitches and hits the batsman to be taken into consideration. Because backyard games are often self-umpired LBW is too controversial and hard to employ

3 -          “Auto wicky”. When you’re short on fielders, one easy solution is to place a large object behind the wickets as an automatic wicket keeper. It saves chasing the ball when the batsman misses it and never lets you down when the batsman nicks behind. A trampoline tipped on its side is a popular choice.

4 -          “8 ball overs”. It’s easy to get carried away wanting to bowl continuously thinking you’re a gun but 8 ball overs make sure everyone gets a go. It’s a couple more deliveries than the standard over but it gives the bowler a chance to set a plan.

5 -          “Scoring zones and boundaries”. Everyone loves a big score but having to run them all is never as enjoyable. Setting zones and boundaries for 4s,3s,2s, and even 1s makes scoring easier. Hitting the ball on the full into certain areas can also be set as a mode of dismissal.

6 -          “One hand one bounce”. The one-hand-one-bounce catch is a skill that’s acquired with years of experience in the backyard. It requires excellent judgement and reflexes and more often than not deserves a wicket. To complete a successful catch a player can only use one hand, no body and no double grabs. A popular addition is the two bounces a kick and a one hand catch rule.

7 -          “Bad light”. Tense games of backyard cricket can often go down to the wire. With no time limit matches can sometimes continue until dark. In the case of fading light spinners can continue to bowl until the batsman decides he’s had enough. 

8 -          “Batting order”. A popular backyard cricket myth is that the wicket taker bats next. Not true. There is a pre-established order.

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