Local Content Statement

From 1st July 2014 – 30th June 2015


SPIRIT (6SAT) is required to broadcast the applicable number of hours of local content/material of local significance during the hours of 05:00am and 08:00pm, Monday to Friday as part of the local content licence conditions of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992.  The applicable number of hours is 5 minutes per day, Monday to Friday.

SPIRIT (6SAT) complies with this licence condition by broadcasting:

•    1 minute of local commercial content.                Monday  – Friday
            (Relates to the licence area) (5am – 8pm)

•    3 minutes of mining news and information relevant to towns  Monday  – Friday and mines in the licensed area.
(Relates to the licence area) (6am – 6pm)

•    1 minute of weather information each day.   Monday  – Friday
     (Relates to the licence area) (Hourly 6am – 8pm)

Further information is available from Redwave Media Pty Ltd
(08) 9482 9500 or admin@redfm.com.au