Broome Feature Segments

Road Runner

Listen to the location for Free stuff from the road runner at 7.50 and 8.10 thanks to Broome Motors

Birthday Book

Just before 7.30 news we open the birthday book to see who is having a birthday in town

Lost and founds

If you have lost or found something, put it on the Lost & Found Segment

Consumer Protection

Each Thursday Sebba chats to Annetta Bellingeri from the Department of Commerce about the dangers of scams when shopping and other fraud related topics that effect you as a consumer

Pindan Posistions 

Wednesday at 9am. We'll keep you up to date with the current job situation in Broome as Sebba, Tawna and Paula discuss whats happening in and around Broome

At the Movies

Broome's new and current Movies are reviewed and previewed, listen in for your chance to win a free double-pass every week

Footy Tips

Grab the tips from Sebba, Blackers and Jame Squire each Friday during the season for your chance to win a $50 Divers Voucher. Jackpots weekly

Also for the latest in local WKFL, tune in around 11 for the latest from league chief Graham Gordon