Favourite Music:

Country music makes me feel calm and happy, it also has the power to bring a tear or two to my eye.

I love 80's Music, you can be guaranteed that I will be dancing and singing everyday when the 80's Lunch Roll comes around.

My music taste is described as broad and a very good variety of classic and current hits, Nena (99 Luftballons) makes an appearance on that list.

My all time favourite song is 'Smile' - Nat King Cole.

What Do You Do In Your Spare Time?
I love to hang out with my family, now that consists of ALOT of Skype calls, Ice Skate, clean (yes, i love it!), bake, go for a bike ride or walk and nap!

I also watch alot of TV Shows;


-Modern Family

-One Tree Hill

-Orange is the New Black

(Just to name a few)

If I could only watch one show for the rest of my life it would be Gilmore Girls

If you ever need to find me, I'll be at a Cafe, sitting in the corner, watching the people go by, drinking a Soy Flat White and reading the newspaper.

What Is Your Guilty Pleasure?

Pandas, I am obsessed. I have a onsie, a stuffed toy, a heat pack, beanies, YOU NAME IT!  Well, its not really my guilty pleasure...

I would have to say Cadbury's Dairy Milk Chocolate and Reality TV (Mainly E! Shows....)