Breakfast with Sebba

Wake Up with Sebba every morning from 6 on Spirit 102.9 Broome

As a little kid growing up in Melbourne, Sebba always dreamed of becoming a Superstar AFL player, running around the house taking screamers over sofa's with balloons when he was little was always a highlight. 

When he was 12, Sebba combined his love of footy and flair for music by starting his own radio show in his bedroom, broadcast to a huge audience of 2 people (his mum and sister) Sebba decided to take it to the next level after some adventuring and started on the 'Arvo Show' in Port Hedland in 2012 before moving to Broome to host breakfast in late 2013.

Since then, his audience had swelled (his Dad listens now too)

When Sebba's not pumping out the classic gold & today's hit's on the Spirit, you'll find him kicking back on Cable Beach in the sun, dodging Crocodiles.



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